Day: November 2, 2010

Apathy Is Bad. Take Your Bitch Ass To the Polls.

Get Up Stand Up

Nothing makes me sick like the American people. Though I’m an American myself, I don’t like the apathetic, lazy approach to life we have.

I’ve heard nothing but a bunch of bitching and whining from people about where the country is and how they don’t like this and that. How healthcare is dumb. How it’s gonna be the end of the universe when the Republicans get in office. How they’re jobless and broke.


Then don’t vote.


It’s not like anyone is asking you to go to war. All that’s being asked of you is a few minutes of your time to help shape your community and your country. Lot’s of people work and died hard for you to do this shit. Least you can do for them is go down the street and vote.

I’d like to share with you some of the apathy I’ve gotten from my friends.


[00:20] Wolfen: Shit’s serious
[00:20] Woman: why should i be responsible for putting more corrupt people in office
[00:20] Woman: no way jose
[00:20] Wolfen: You do know that if Bill Brady gets elected he’s going to lower the minimum wage right?
[00:21] Wolfen: That would affect you as a person who works by the hour
[00:22] Woman: he wont get elected
[00:22] Woman: people arent THAT stupid
[00:22] Wolfen: Well, so far they’re neck and neck after early voting
[00:22] Wolfen: So it could go either way
[00:22] Wolfen: You should see some of the people that are out there
[00:22] Wolfen: Sara Palin exists. People ARE that stupid


[23:34] Wolfen: GET YO VOTE ON
[23:34] Dude: No.
[23:34] Wolfen: Why?
[23:40] Dude: I hate politics.
[23:41] Dude: Alot
[23:41] Dude: I don’t care who’s in charge, its never good


[18:53] Wolfen: Vote time tomorrow! You hype?
[18:53] Woman: no. what are we voting for
[18:54] Wolfen: V___V never mind


I got many responses similar to this. Guess what? If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.

Don’t be a fucking cunt. Go vote. Everything effects you and well affect your children.