Day: November 4, 2010

Eat the Cock

I promise you. That title will make a lot of sense once you actually see the movie. And it’s not the sausage Helen Mirren is smoking. That bitch is hardcore.

Welcome to The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, And Her Lover this loaded work comes from the mind of Peter Greenaway… who apparently has a lot on his mind when he makes a movie. Using what I’m guessing is one… maybe two actual setpieces, he’s able to create a very dark and depressing world. Come to think of it, we never saw daytime in the this movie.

Anywho, the movie focuses around… well A cook, a thief, his battered wife (Helen Mirren) and her lover.

Mirren, abused for much of the movie, decides to escape this reality by having an affair with a regular patron. This explodes into a frequent series of sex in very unusual places… and let’s just say they end up naked in the back of a meat truck fleeing for their lives… But I’m not going to spoil any more of the story.

On thing that can REALLY be noticed by anyone who’s into film is the lighting. The color of the rooms and clothing change depending on the actions that go on in that particular room. Or it could be a filter. I’m not sure. I’ll have to read up on that.

As you might have guess, the movie gets a nice hard NC-17… not just for Mirren’s ass (which is pretty nice I must say, being a male of the heterosexual persuasion) but for some gruesome moments that even made me a tad uncomfortable. And those moments never stop. They shoot at you rapid fire. A rape here, beating there. Eating your words (literally). The list goes on. There IS an R-rated cut. But that’s a fucking half hour shorter… so yeah. NC-17 is the way to go. Just know what you’re getting into.


Even though it’s over 20 years old… Saw has nothing on this movie. There are some real elements of torture in here that will make your skin crawl. And enough sex that almost rivals Showgirls… almost. difference with this one is… This one has some of the greatest actors you’ll ever see, doing the raunchiest things. It’s a delight. Chalk up a another favorite movie on my list.


Propoganda: It’s One Hell of a Drug


RT @snappyhappah: Common sense, intelligence, compassion, self-preservation, math, science, education and human decency will be making concession speech soon.


This lady was right. On November 3rd… the 2 year refresher course on why the Democrats took office began and our futures are in jeopardy.


All day yesterday Republican morons think this is a victory over Pelosi and Obama… that’s just not the case. They haven’t gone anywhere. Obama is still president.

People just don’t want a damn nigger or a damn bitch running their lives. No matter how well they do it.

Who did get voted out where all those dumb democrats that didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to actally BRAG about their accomplishments. For two years, there’s quite a list.

Pelosi and Obama have accomplished more in just two years than any administration/congress since LBJ’s Great Society of the 1960s. But most people either don’t know this, or they are sorely misinformed… believing republican lies about “death panels” and the like. And the blame for the public being so ill-informed lands squarely on the shoulders of the media, who is so terrified by the 600 lb FoxNews gorilla that every single republican talking point, however outlandish or false, is parroted without question, all in the name of “balance.” It’s pathetic.

Those two both broke glass ceilings and that’s never an easy thing to do, considering government is full of old, bigoted white people.

But I’ve been saying this for a couple of months now. The only way people are going to learn is to suffer. Now Americans, get ready to suffer.

2 year refresher course GO!