Day: November 6, 2010


DC Animated films have been kicking all kinds of ass the last couple of years. From the MARVELOUS Superman Doomsday to the even better Superman Apocalypse. But now we’re venturing into a new territory. Shorts.

Welcome to the first DC Animated Short. Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam.

Those of you who are familiar with Captain Marvel know that he’s just a regular kid who was granted superpowers by the wizard Shazam. Not Kazzam… Shazam.

The 24 minute film shows an orphan kid Billy Batson. Clark (Superman) is writing a story about him for the local paper. Then Black Adam comes out of nowhere and tries to kick both of their asses. Hey, it’s only 24 minutes long. There’s not much time to build a plot here.

Long story short, he learns that he has to be a hero. And what it takes to be one.

DC has released a number of shorts. All of which are available of the DC Shorts Compilation coming out next Tuesday. Pick that shit up. But I really think this one could have been it’s own move… just sayin.