The Weekly DDR Movie Update: Week 1

Well, I’m proud to say that production of Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior’s Path is moving well ahead of schedule at the moment. Thanks to Kevin Parli for all his help and and support… though it’s been minimal… lol just kidding, love that guy.

But to keep my bitch ass on track, I decided to just go ahead and post weekly updates here. You can also see the updates on the FACEBOOK PAGE (so nice, I linked it twice) every Monday. Most likely it will be a script update or something but other times, it might be something a little more special.

Hopefully we can have this shit ready to shoot come springtime.

Here’s the update.


As I finish up Chronicles of Failure, I’m gonna have a lot more time to work on this project and things should move on a little quicker. But for now, I’m just going to address some questions.

1. How Long is This Shit Gonna Be?

-Multi part answer time. I’m looking at a running time of about an hour and twenty minutes.

-The movie is going to be presented as if it were being run on TV… and that TV run 3 Episodes straight. In between these “episodes” we’ll have commercials and trailers. And oh boy do I have some fun stuff lined up.

2. What’s up with Stepmania

-Getting to that.

3. Character List?

Well, here’s who’s appeared so far.


-COREY WEDGE        –









Oh, but there are a few others too





and maybe more… Some will be playing themselves. Others won’t. Mostly for the reason of me not being too friendly with a lot of people (I keeps it real like that).

4. Why Are You Such A Fag?

-I come from a long line of homosexuals. We are a proud race and like to suck dick. Now fuck off.

So go, read the shit. And

Oh yeah, one more thing. You must be wondering about the picture right there. If you haven’t figured it out by now, this movie will come out with simpack as well which will be used throughout the film. I’m still putting it together. Those of you who know me know about the legendary unpolished  Bette Midler sim.

It’s part comedy, part grindhouse, part musical. Crazy? Yes. Will it work. Fuck yeah.

Oh yeah, he’s that Better Midler chart. It’s bad. Really bad.

Until next week then…

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