Day: November 9, 2010

Ginger Kids!!

If there’s anything you remember from South Park, it’s gotta be one of two things.

Kyle’s Mom is a bitch… and Ginger Kids.

This sort of sets the stage for Die Beauty, an independent Swedish film about a small village by a decent sized river. As well as the fucked up inhabitants. We see the whores get fucked and abusive relationships unfold through the eyes of a little red haired girl. Apparently you get a lot in that town if you’re a ginger. Some things don’t change from country to country I suppose.

Anyway, she seems disturbingly obsessed with seeing a dead body. Talking to her equally fucked up friends on a bridge every day about it. After a while, she finally gets her wish. And again… and again. People just seem to be dying in town one at a time and being scooped up from the river. It’s really a story of dealing with your fucked up childhood in the best way you can. Maybe it was her obsession with dead bodies? I’m kind of unsure about that. But that’s what I believe I saw.

There was actually a lack of violence in this movie. It’s implied pretty hard that shit’s going down, so they never need to. That combined with music that starts whenever shit’s about to hit the fan.

I sadly still know very little about Swedish cinema, but it’s been a marvelous learning experience every time I jump into one of these films. They have true heart. Like most indies do. The heart of the film will always show to everyone as long as it’s made with care. Stina Bergman, you have done good. I see nothing but wonderful things in your future. At least judging from this one.

Die Beauty will confuse the fuck out of your average moviegoer… and I’m not even average and it took a couple of viewings to make me truly appreciate it. If you like to overanalyze films like me, then this is totally for you.