Day: November 10, 2010

I Fucking Hate Tyler Perry

I have serious fucking gender issues.

Very strong words I know. I hope they are anyway. I just watched “For Colored Girls”. I’ll admit I pirated that shit too. I want my bandwidth back you jive motherfucka.

There are a lot of black filmmakers out there. Spike Lee, Mario Van Peebles (That dude is the shit), John Singleton.

But those guys (except Van Peebles who’s working on Damages) have faded into obscurity. Whether it’s Spike just being an “activist” instead of an artist. Or John just… not working for one reason or another.

Enter the age of Tyler Perry. Being from Chicago, I know of him well. His Medea plays got him a lot of attention. And even I had to admit the first one was pretty damn funny.

The first time. Not the 5 that followed.

But then, Mr. Perry fell into that deep pit known as self plagiarism. Releasing on fat black person movie after another… and putting on a fat suit and a dress over and over again.


But wait, when he’s not in a fat suit. He’s busy about writing how much man suck. That’s a really odd type of material for a man to be writing… unless of course that man is a homosexual. If I spent so much time hating women and wearing a dress… I’d be gay too.

When it all boils down, to it, Tyler Parry is just an angry, closeted homosexual who realized early on he could better… but just never went to that next level because he was too comfortable. I talk about artistic integrity all the time. This is one of the prime violators of this. When you’re blessed with the opportunity to make something great that everyone will see, don’t you want to take it to higher heights every time? Mr. Parry apparently doesn’t believe in that.

But, black people use him as some sort of a hero. Because he overcame adversity. Yeah, he overcame adversity to be mediocre and a prude instead of bettering his craft. His movies cater to the lowest common denominator. Ignorant, insecure, black people. That’s right. I hear black people always saying they feel empowered by his movies.

So fat, obnoxious cross dressers make you proud and powerful huh?

Sadly, this thought hasn’t exactly clicked in the small minds of the Tyler Perry fanbase. He’s only getting rich off you low self-esteem and love of repetitiveness. I weep for you my brothers and sisters. But Perry won’t last much longer the way his films are going.

Mr. Perry, I could respect you if I actually saw you branch out from the whole “Black Pride” or “Man suck” paytrain. You have money. What else do you want? How are you going to be remembered? Thanks for representing all black filmmakers by wearing a dress.

Fuck you Tyler Parry.