Why the hell should I pay for your movie?

Crowd-sourcing is still relatively new. I mean… why should you pay for something you can get for free? I can answer this very simply…

It’s the damn future.

But I’ll explain further.

We all have a personal gripe with Hollywood. Well, for filmmakers it’s just the fact that we have to cut off our own penises to even have a meeting with someone.

However, if you’re lucky enough to get into that door with your penis still attached, your creative control will be very limited… unless of course you own a company, lucky said company was stupid (in Mr. Luca’s case)

Or are this nigga.

If you don't know who this is... I weep for you. This nigga is everywhere, I swear to God.

The best movies are ones that the filmmakers WANT to make. If a filmmaker is making a film JUST to pay the bills or buy that new expensive car… it can end very badly. VERY BADLY

That brings me back to that common topic of artistic integrity. If a person is working, but not necessarily looking for anything in return, they’re gonna make exactly what they want the they want it. Though it most likely won’t have too many cars blowing up and all that 3D junk… it has heart, true heart. I would mention Hanna Sköld and Nasty Old People. But I’ve spoken about it at length… manymanytimes before. When your target audience knows a film’s got heart, they’ll love it… and you.

By contributing to such a project, you’re not just a viewer anymore. You’re a co-creator. More often than not, there are incentives when investing a film. Whether it be t-shirts, name in the credits, or a walk on role… you’re just a person sitting in a dark room eating popcorn and for 10 bucks. So the choice is yours. Fund the future, or fund more of the same. We gotta advance people. Indie film is the future

Dance Dance Revolution: The Warriors Path… my project.


Hanna’s new project Granny’s Dancing on the Table. It’s not just a film, it’s a lot of stuff.

Both very different projects, but both with a lot of heart. At the very least, kick em out and leave some words of encouragement. Or don’t. It’s all good 😀

Now that I read this, it seems disjointed and crazy sounding. Good, crazy is good in my line of work!


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