Theory: There’s a Method to Obama’s Madness

I’m not about to jump on the “I hate Obama” bandwagon that’s sure to be picking up passengers in the morning.

But let’s look at what really happened. Sure Obama is the president. But at the end of the day, he’s just one guy. And you have a congress full of racists and idiots.

That’s right racists. Let’s be real. How many old white people REALLY want a black man telling them what to do? That’s right. Zero. It’s just built into old white male’s DNA. It’s not their fault. It’s just the times they grew up in and what they were taught growing up.

When you’re up against a big room of people where folks don’t like you for more than just your political affiletion, you’d be lucky to decide what toppings to put on a pizza. It’s really all such a mess.

I’m disappointed with Democrats for not acting as a team to get stuff down. They’re like the Miami Heat. They have all the talent to do great things… but it just doesn’t click.

Republicans are the Bowser Time Trap. If you don’t do the right thing in the very begining, you’re stuck. And guess what. We’re stuck.


But, I didn’t think we’d have a black president in my lifetime either, so anything can happen. Maybe it’s time for Obama to go straight nigga on some folks. He’s letting the Republicans have their way now. But what about all those tea partiers that got duped by the party? Congress is gonna feel the heat very soon. And when that happens, the game will change once more. You can’t write good storylines like this.


But it is, just a theory. Let’s see how it goes.

*Grabs bag of popcorn*

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