What if Michael Bay Made a Shooter?

It would look at a lot like Blood Brothers. Just sayin.

Galloping Ghost Arcade has the nice gem hidden in their 2nd row. I happened to run across it after my hands started cramping something nasty from Gauntlet DL.

I remember playing Cabal as a kid at the Denny’s by my house. Yes, back in the day they had a couple of arcade games in Dennys… least the one in Country Club Hills did.

Anyway, if you’ve ever played a shooting gallery type game, you know what you’re in for.

However, every fucking thing is destructible. It’s marvelous! It’s as if Michael Bay were directing.

I really have no idea what’s going on in the game besides shooting at shit and making it go boom. But that’s not really a problem for me… in a game that is.

There are a few powerups as well, shotguns, and way too many grenades.

Eventually the game degrades into a “bullet hell” type of situation, but again… not a problem for me.

Spent a good hour in front of that motherfucka. Cleared 300k. I was starting to get the hang of it, but got pulled away for some King of Fighters 11 action.

I’ll need to get some pictures of it next time I’m up there.

Oh yeah, the reason I posted about this game now… I had a dream that I blew up my parent’s old house just like you do in this game. I was so fucking happy when I woke up. Best dream ever.

I will also take this time to plug my movie again. OH YEAH… haha

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