Hey democrats… what the fuck are you doing?

The Democratic Response to Obama 2008-2011

It’s times like this that make me ashamed to call myself a progressive.

I wanna tell you something about progressives as a whole. We make a whole lot of noise and talk about what we want changed. Which is all well and good. But when it comes time to actually do something… like vote, we can’t even get our asses out from in front of Twitter. You’re all so quick to bandwagon against the president on everything. Keith Oberman is kinda a jackass and I take anything he says with a grain of salt. But when are you progressives gonna start using your own minds instead of what MSNBC tells you? We’re better than those folks that watch Fox News. At least I like to believe that.

So yeah, you progressives need to get your act together. Sit down and do some soul searching.

As I write this, Bernie Sanders is giving what looks to be the beginning of an incredibly long filibuster…

Why do you ask? He, along with a bunch of other Democrats are butthurt about Obama making a deal with Republicans on the tax breaks.

Yeah, I know it sucks extending those tax cuts for the rich. I don’t support giving rich people more money. The wealth needs to be spread about a little bit more. At least to the point where anyone making less than 250k won’t have to struggle to keep food on the table. It hurts even more considering Republicans voted out the tax cuts for everyone else.

Everyone got screwed on that.

HOWEVER. Because a lot of you didn’t go out and vote, so it’s your own fault. Congrats.

My question right now is this…

Where the fuck was this intensity when Obama needed you months… a year ago?

All this shit is… a bunch of political band-standing because people’s pride is hurt. This will not end well for anyone. You all do know that the only reason Obama made this agreement was because millions of out of work folks were going to go hungry and homeless on the 1st of the month if he didn’t. It was an underhanded tactic by the GOP… and it worked.

BUT, you also need to keep in mind, we have a Republican Congress now. They could have waited it out, and passed the cuts without giving Obama ANYTHING. The compromise wasn’t just the tax cuts. It was a stimulus bill as well. The Democrats got something out of the compromise, unemployment benefits and other tax reductions and credits. That’s what a compromise is, getting some things you want and giving up other things. There’s stuff in there that Republicans don’t like either. You can’t please all politicians… ever.

Obama defended the move, saying middle class America’s paycheck is nothing to fuck around with and without some kind of deal households would have less money to work with starting Jan. 1.

He’s correct. I know too many people who are out of work and barely staying afloat. If unemployment were to just stop, they’d starve or freeze. Hundreds of thousands of people in that position.

So for the democrats to sit there and fight this compromise is not only futile but shows where their priorities are. They’re CLEARLY not with the America people but more with their own egos. Sure they’re making good points, but there’s a time to fight, and that’s not now. Too many lives are at stake. I’m actually not feeling so bad a lot of those fuckers got voted out now. It’s sickening.

Ms. Pelosi, love you, but you gotta let your pride fall down this once. Should have dealt with this shit in March the correct way.

Obama’s actually making a REALLY GOOD MOVE.

People, you’ve said for years you wanted a politician that cared about people. This just proves that Obama does. He’s taking a huge hit right now just to protect those that are out of work. That’s really something to be proud of. Someone just doing the right thing.

Keep doing your thing Mr. Pres. I’m behind ya. All those bandwagoners will be back with you in a minute. Time to bust out that new tax code you’ve been working on 😀

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