The Future, Where Does it Leave Us Filmmakers?

As I work on Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior’s path. I’ve been thinking a lot about the future. Just look around us. The economy is still in garbage, and lots of us (including yours truly) can’t find a job to save our lives. So what is there left for everyone? What is the escape?

For as long as people have told stories, there’s been an escape. It takes us away from all our pain and troubles for just a little bit of time, and it’s just marvelous. But a lot of that fun has been lost under the weight of big budgets… not always, but quite often it happens.

What we filmmakers need to do is just sit down with our audience as Hanna Skould and I do and just ask what the fuck people want. They may be hesitant at first. But they’ll come around.

Without the love of your audience, you will fail every time.

So it’s up to us to bring film back to its roots. Small productions. Small teams. Heartfelt stories. I’m not asking them to be all serious and dramatic, because life isn’t like that. But just something you can stand up and believe in.

Filmmakers, let’s make 2011 a great year.


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