Day: December 25, 2010

Support an awesome Indie Developer

I love Indie games… they’re not always as awesome as “World of Goo” or “Braid”… but there are a lot of great companys doing great things for those of us who are broke asses and can’t afford shit.

Enter Radiangames. They make some pretty damn awesome games for like… a buck. Dead serious. A buck.

Check this article out and be enlightened. I gotta go play Crossfire 2 now.

Merry Christmas and junk.

It’s that day. Eat some food and spend it with loved ones. That’s what this day is for.

If you’re like me and have no family, troll friends on facebook like I do.


It’s a sad time. You know what would make it better for me and give you a nice, warm and toasty feeling inside? If you were to donate a couple of bucks to the movie. It’d certainly make my day and you’ll be contributing to a piece of film history.

Any amount. Even a dollar.


Today is going to be a good day I think. Time to watch a movie or two after I work on the script some more.