Support an awesome Indie Developer

I love Indie games… they’re not always as awesome as “World of Goo” or “Braid”… but there are a lot of great companys doing great things for those of us who are broke asses and can’t afford shit.

Enter Radiangames. They make some pretty damn awesome games for like… a buck. Dead serious. A buck.

Check this article out and be enlightened. I gotta go play Crossfire 2 now.


  1. Hi Wolfen,

    thanks for the support – Luke Schneider, the guy that is Radiangames, really can use the extra promotion (and so can we ^^). He is one of my favorite devs in the Xbox indie scene and I would hate to see him fail. For all of you interested – check out Inferno too … it´s his biggest hit so far I think.


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