People Okay With Murdering Julian Assange?

I swear he looks like the villain from Die Hard.

It’s an insane thing to say right? No one should be okay about murdering another human being.

Yet it’s been said. A lot. Don’t believe my furry ass? People don’t believe YOU when you say it?


Well, in this same spirit of What the Fuck has Obama Done So Far (Great site by the way.) is a new site created by my good friend, ZengamingDojo’s Mike Bell and his friend Alfred MacDonald.

Bookmark it, live it. Love it.


I for one am not a fan of the guy. He’s a little creepy. Maybe it’s just the haircut… or maybe he should cut down on the weed a little bit. But he’s doing some pretty cool stuff. If he was leaking things like CURRENT battle plans and shit. Yeah, I’d have a serious problem with that. However, it’s all a bunch of old stuff exposing curruption and what not. That’s good.

Basically the U.S. is just butthurt because Wikileaks got a hold of their diary and reading it to all his friends.

And he’s not treasonous… because he’s not even American. So Sara Palin can kinda fuck off with that.

Anyway, check the site out. Like it on Facebook. Spread the word.


Oh, and check out the rest of my site too lol.


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