Why the hell am I making a DDR Movie?

Woo! Badge!

I’ve been asked this question about twenty times too many.

I’ll tell you why I’m making a DDR Movie…

It’s simple. It’s been done before, but not like this. As a former DDR Community person, I’ve seen the best and worst this game has to offer. In both the game itself and those that play it. Using this knowledge, I can create a fictional narrative based upon the experiences and drama I’ve seen in real life as well as the internets.

Who better to ask about DDR when making a movie than the public?

Also, this movie is publicly funded, so it wouldn’t be right to shut the audience out of the thing as a producer, you get some actual say on what’s going on if you do so choose. This is a new way of funding movies, and I’m sure it will work out. Just look at gaming on the Humble Indie Bundle. It’s there for free if you want it. But you can choose to pay an amount as well. Same concept when crowdsourcing a film. However, again, you will have some creative control. You can post on the facebook page… or just find me. My contact info is on the site.

All and all, my goal is to blur the line between the viewer and the creator. We should be able to work together to achieve cinematic bliss… and it shouldn’t require millions of dollars. Just a bunch of good hearts and an assload of determination… mixed with a little know how and a dash of luck.  Every dollar counts. Could be your dollar that buys the blood that flies out of a dude’s head when he gets shot in the face (not a spoiler).

I’ve worked on stuff with no budget before… but that was just RPG Maker 2000 animation… that for some reason people liked. Let’s see how my first “Big Budget” production goes. We’re shooting at the end of March and in Early April when the snow is gone in Chicago.

If you know anyone who does music, knows how to edit, knows how to turn on a damn camera, or better… know how to ACT. They’re free to join me. I raise enough money, I might even be able to pay some people with more than just good food, gratitude, beer and hugs.

Though it’s Chicago and we have no shortage of good food and beer.

Like I said in the last post, the final script should be rolling out by the end of the week. Go to the facebook page and check it out. Now I actually have to go write… tootles.

Spread the word. This is the future of indie filmmaking.


If you’d like to read the admittedly bad old draft this film is based on, you can get it here.

New script coming on Friday, so stay tuned.




  1. Good on you, bros!

    I’m a fellow Chicago film maker who also crowd sourced funds for my first feature film, currently in production (although I used Kickstarter). Glad to see there’s more of us out there.

    -Joe Avella

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