Month: January 2011

DDR Movie Update: I Work With the Most Professional Assholes in the World

Well, we had our first actual production meeting. I feel like we actually…


GOT SHIT DONE. It was crazy. Shooting location, character motivation, color schemes, shot types. All in one day.


It was marvelous… that is, until a totally serious pitch video went horribly wrong… and apparently, me getting hit in the nuts by tennis balls chucked from the other side of the room is hilarious.

Seriously, what assholes. But they’re my assholes and we work well together. I get we reached that 7 hour threshold of insanity which ends up with my balls not feeling so good.

I guess that’s it… remember to donate.


Lesson learned: Wear a cup.

Top Ten Films of 2010 (In No Order)

A Serbian Film
This is the most disturbing movie anyone will ever see, or at least I hope so. It sets a new bar in the torture sub-genre of horror that Saw created several years ago. I’m confident in saying that this is the only movie that has ever made me genuinely sick to my stomach. That said, what it does, it does well. This is a very niche genre, so not much praise will ever be given to movies like this, but it does its job very well. I feel a bit queasy writing this right now.

Black Swan
Good performances from both Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. It reinvigorated the story of Swan Lake and was twisted in its own way.

A great thriller out of China. I saw this a long time ago, so I can’t say too much about it now, but it is good.

The Fighter
I debated between this and The King’s Speech, but I like the story in The Fighter more, it’s a bit darker and a bit more real to me. There’s more struggle, and there were strong performances all around.

Blue Valentine
A nice heartbreaker with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. I’ve been a fan of Gosling ever since I saw United States of Leland a few years ago. He’s definitely an underrated actor. The two of them work well together, and the sexual tension in this movie is very real.

127 Hours
Being an outdoor-enthusiast of sorts (trail-running) This movie felt close to me. Certain scenes of hallucination of drinks were all too real, and Franco gave a great performance in a tough role (not too many actors can engage the camera for an hour without any cast around them)

I Love You, Philip Morris
This got buried somehow, but both Carrey and McGregor gave strong performances, but quirky movies like this seem to get shafted by Awards shows. This is an extraordinary story that is shocking to be true.

Secret of Kells (2009/2010)
Technically a 2009 film, this didn’t make it stateside until 2010, so I feel I should include it. The story is good, and the visuals are phenomenal, who says you need 3D for a visual masterpiece?

The Ghost Writer
Ewan McGregor was great in this, with a good cast surrounding him. A subtle thriller, the ending was well executed and not overplayed.

Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole
This might seem out of place, but this movie has the best (3D) animation of any movie to date. It set the bar pretty high and is far more visually pleasing than any Pixar movie.

Special mention:
The King’s Speech
Get Low (a great character piece and Robert Duvall was perfect)

I want to be Kevin Smith when I grow up

Edgar Wright does the films I want to do. Kevin Smith is the Filmmaker I want to be.

I was a bit down coming off a Bears loss yesterday. I knew things would only be worse the next day.

I got up at a little before 7 like always and checked my twitter. So many great people on Twitter.

Anyway, I see that Kevin Smith’s movie Red State had it Sundance premiere last night… and that the movie was going on tour… AND COMING TO CHICAGO. Instead of being sold to some lame studio.

I squealed in delight. A literal squeal.

Apparently Kevin Smith isn’t too happy with the producers and distributors that are mucking up Hollywood, so he’s handling business himself. I like this.

Being a person who has nothing but good ideas and a loving heart can’t make a movie. But maybe one day we can thanks to Kevin Smith. As a good friend told me, you have to shake shit up sometimes. Kevin Smith is doing that, and giving just a little more hope to us filmmakers. There are so many that never get to see the light of day… and just fall off the earth doing half baked comedy at some club on the south side.

However, there are many of you who don’t agree with me and Mr. Smith. A lot of you think he was just being obnoxious and stupid. But let’s face it, everything the man says is pretty much right… on movies anyway.

Here’s a little bit of what he said on Twitter the other day… and this is just a little. He went on for like 2 hours straight. It was awesome.

So with only 1 flick left that I want to make, I figure why NOT gamble a bit. Because, like I said: if this works out the way we’re hoping, we’ll have a model we can use with not only HIT SOMEBODY, but any SModcast Pictures we make after it — which would be YOUR flicks, not mine. I’ve told my stories in film already & I get to tell way more inventive stories every week on all the @SModcast Network shows. But I love being involved with flicks so I figure “Why not help OTHER cats get THEIR flicks out there.”


That’s what I like to hear. He wants to establish a brand that is truly indie. Get back to the way movies used to be until the major studios butted in and produced nothing but absolute crap (until November that is…)

I want to be Kevin Smith when I grow up. I feel him, even I don’t like what I see in the indie community. However, that’s another article. I want to stay mostly positive here.

Rock on Mr. Smith.



It’s Oscar season, so I’m beefing up on all my movies quickly and having a kickass time doing it.

Black Swan, The Fighter, True Grit. Marvelous films.

But there’s one that blows them all out of the water…

WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX. It’s the story of… well, watch the trailer.



Okay, you got me. I have no idea what the fuck was going on. It’s the worst fucking movie ever made by mankind that didn’t star Chuck Norris.

But that’s what makes it great. It’s SO bad, it must be seen… get some friends. Get drunk. And watch. In fact, here’s the whole movie below. It has some annoying motherfucker talking though it, but it’s not like most people can understand the dialouge anyway. Enjoy. You will have no idea what the fuck is going on and you won’t care. It’s just that crazy. Just wait until you see the helicopters again.


It’s so fucking horrid. hahhaha

Yeah, I just watched 11 Episodes of “Hot in Cleveland” Back to Back”. My Vagina Itches

But first some business. Lucca the Nerd can now be found at instead of some random ass blogspot address. Fuck you blogspot and your dumb addresses. Anyway, update your bookmarks and enjoy.

Now, the news.

I finally broke down this morning and decided to watch an episode of Hot in Cleveland… because I do have a crush on Betty White, as many of us do (admit it.) After the first sixty seconds I was hooked. One of the best uses of a plane set in a sitcom ever.

The show revolves around three single middle-aged women and their day to day struggles with life, love, and growing old… in Cleveland Yes… that’s right. It’s The Golden Girls for women who still experience their period. But this isn’t a bad thing. Sure it can’t hold a light to the wonderfully written series that graced the 80’s, but it falls in the upper echelons of today’s sitcoms… which are quite frankly a dieing breed.

What I think propels it up is the wisely casted house caretaker played by Betty White. Put that woman anywhere and she’s fucking hilarious.

I watched the whole 10 Episode first season and this week’s season premiere with had a hilarious cameo from one Mary Tyler Moore.

Until Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara come back next month, I think this can scratch my comedy itch until then.

DDR Movie Update

Well, there really isn’t much to update. I pretty much have the script the way I want it be.

Problem is, the funding.

Yeah I’ve raised 100 dollars so far (goal is 1000) but I’m no where near where I have to be. I’m hoping it will pick up in a few months.

Tell your friends. Tell your friends pets. This isn’t a production to be missed.

Or I’ll be forced to make this movie on a 100 dollar budget. It COULD happen… but it would involve a lot of someone illegal things haha.

Link people here. Every dollar counts. Heck, 50 cents would be swell.

I’ll have a meeting about this movie this week… maybe on Skype. I dunno. We’ll see.


I’ll have a nice, long article coming tomorrow. So stay tuned.

Why Can’t Black People be Goddamn Cleopatra?

She's hot... but c'mon son...

I’ve discussed this with people a number of times. So I’ll keep it brief. I’m tired as fuck.

Angelina Jolie and all her hotness will be playing the doomed queen. This is nice and all… her being hot and stuff. Cleopatra was apparently quite the fox according to writings. But as you can see on the picture to the right, she was far from pale. And even though she was Greek… she wouldn’t be pale as snow. She would have at least been a little dark from her environment. But oh well. It’s not a total loss I suppose.

The continues a pattern in Hollywood. I’m pretty sure the ancient Egyptians were black. At least that’s what their art tells us. But time after time, we have these roles filled by the whitest person on the planet.

Sup Prince of Persia? Not a black role, but you get the idea.

Maybe I’m just bitching. But I wouldn’t bitch so much if this new Cleopatra movie wasn’t going to be PG-13.  No tits? Fuck that shit.

And Hollywood, there are plenty of decent actors who look like they don’t need 7 coats of sunblock to live in the warm climates.

Oh well, back to work on the movie then. Just had to let that out.

It’s new project time? Great Scott!

It’s a week of new projects. Yay!

The DDR Movie is still going strong and will continue to do so over the next couple of months. But that doesn’t mean I can’t start working on my next big thing.

Take a look at Blú. Tell me what you think.

Got a couple more as well…

Chronicles of Failure will be back.

The Creative Process will happen.

And you can say hello Boss Rush Podcast.