Day: January 18, 2011

DDR Movie Update

Well, there really isn’t much to update. I pretty much have the script the way I want it be.

Problem is, the funding.

Yeah I’ve raised 100 dollars so far (goal is 1000) but I’m no where near where I have to be. I’m hoping it will pick up in a few months.

Tell your friends. Tell your friends pets. This isn’t a production to be missed.

Or I’ll be forced to make this movie on a 100 dollar budget. It COULD happen… but it would involve a lot of someone illegal things haha.

Link people here. Every dollar counts. Heck, 50 cents would be swell.

I’ll have a meeting about this movie this week… maybe on Skype. I dunno. We’ll see.


I’ll have a nice, long article coming tomorrow. So stay tuned.