Yeah, I just watched 11 Episodes of “Hot in Cleveland” Back to Back”. My Vagina Itches

But first some business. Lucca the Nerd can now be found at instead of some random ass blogspot address. Fuck you blogspot and your dumb addresses. Anyway, update your bookmarks and enjoy.

Now, the news.

I finally broke down this morning and decided to watch an episode of Hot in Cleveland… because I do have a crush on Betty White, as many of us do (admit it.) After the first sixty seconds I was hooked. One of the best uses of a plane set in a sitcom ever.

The show revolves around three single middle-aged women and their day to day struggles with life, love, and growing old… in Cleveland Yes… that’s right. It’s The Golden Girls for women who still experience their period. But this isn’t a bad thing. Sure it can’t hold a light to the wonderfully written series that graced the 80’s, but it falls in the upper echelons of today’s sitcoms… which are quite frankly a dieing breed.

What I think propels it up is the wisely casted house caretaker played by Betty White. Put that woman anywhere and she’s fucking hilarious.

I watched the whole 10 Episode first season and this week’s season premiere with had a hilarious cameo from one Mary Tyler Moore.

Until Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara come back next month, I think this can scratch my comedy itch until then.

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