Day: January 24, 2011

I want to be Kevin Smith when I grow up

Edgar Wright does the films I want to do. Kevin Smith is the Filmmaker I want to be.

I was a bit down coming off a Bears loss yesterday. I knew things would only be worse the next day.

I got up at a little before 7 like always and checked my twitter. So many great people on Twitter.

Anyway, I see that Kevin Smith’s movie Red State had it Sundance premiere last night… and that the movie was going on tour… AND COMING TO CHICAGO. Instead of being sold to some lame studio.

I squealed in delight. A literal squeal.

Apparently Kevin Smith isn’t too happy with the producers and distributors that are mucking up Hollywood, so he’s handling business himself. I like this.

Being a person who has nothing but good ideas and a loving heart can’t make a movie. But maybe one day we can thanks to Kevin Smith. As a good friend told me, you have to shake shit up sometimes. Kevin Smith is doing that, and giving just a little more hope to us filmmakers. There are so many that never get to see the light of day… and just fall off the earth doing half baked comedy at some club on the south side.

However, there are many of you who don’t agree with me and Mr. Smith. A lot of you think he was just being obnoxious and stupid. But let’s face it, everything the man says is pretty much right… on movies anyway.

Here’s a little bit of what he said on Twitter the other day… and this is just a little. He went on for like 2 hours straight. It was awesome.

So with only 1 flick left that I want to make, I figure why NOT gamble a bit. Because, like I said: if this works out the way we’re hoping, we’ll have a model we can use with not only HIT SOMEBODY, but any SModcast Pictures we make after it — which would be YOUR flicks, not mine. I’ve told my stories in film already & I get to tell way more inventive stories every week on all the @SModcast Network shows. But I love being involved with flicks so I figure “Why not help OTHER cats get THEIR flicks out there.”


That’s what I like to hear. He wants to establish a brand that is truly indie. Get back to the way movies used to be until the major studios butted in and produced nothing but absolute crap (until November that is…)

I want to be Kevin Smith when I grow up. I feel him, even I don’t like what I see in the indie community. However, that’s another article. I want to stay mostly positive here.

Rock on Mr. Smith.