DDR Movie Update: Support History

Well, I WAS going to have a whole big presentation for these assholes I call my production (Wolfen has love for the assholes… no homo)

I was also going to reveal the 4th revision of my script. Which introduces two new characters Raul and Clyde Von Hummington.

Also added are actual scenes of training, not just a montage set to 80’s music… because that would be totally dumb. Just dumb.


HOWEVER, fate wanted to knock the hell out of my power supply decided to go out on me… it’s only gonna be like 12 bucks to for new one (picking it up in the morning) But delays delays delays. But I guess that’s the spice of filmmaking.


But it was a long weekend of buying props and rewriting. Fun shit, but hard shit. But it’s still not over. I still need to aquire a few more things and we’ll be golden.

Remember, this is a movie funded by the fans. For them. I can assure you, this will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

By donating, not only are you buying a piece of movie history, but you’re also helping yourself.  You’ll get a producer’s credit on IMDB, and if you donate enough, there will be special incentives such as cookies.

Only cool people bake cookies ya know. It’s true. Watch MTV… young people are still into MTV right?

Anyways, become a part of movie history. Because I promise you, something big is going to happen with this film. Buzz is starting to happen in a monster way… getting a story in a local news outlet… but I’ll post about that when the story breaks.

So as usual donate at Indiegogo or you can do a more anonymous and safe way through PayPal. We start shooting in about a month and every dollar would mean the world to me and the rest of the crew.

Wolfen out. I’ve been getting a lot of encouragement lately. It’s warmed my little furry heat. ❤


22 days of fund raising left… maybe a special event is coming.

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