Day: February 18, 2011

Been a While Since My Last Musing…

I’ve been bad at updating lately, but this is simply because I’ve had so much on top of me lately… mostly the DDR Movie… which I must say is ready to start filming in one short month. Can’t wait.

Speaking of which, there’s now an official web site too. Thanks to Mr. John Ulman. There you can donate like you can here. But we’ll also have some cast information and what not as well… when I get around to adding it of course.

But on to my musing.

Why do you write?

It’s the base question everyone writer or filmmaker has to before he can start anything. What do you intend to accomplish with what you’re about to do.

I know for me, since I started writing when I was ten… it was to give myself a little bit of control in my life. When you write, it’s the only place in the universe where everyone will do exactly what you say, when you say it. Maybe I’m just a control freak like that.

Too often I see people consumed WAY too much in actually getting something they wrote sold. Guess what people, you’re writers. Writers don’t promote well (usually, there are exceptions to that rule) we’re reclusive that way. Keep your focus where it should be, quality and fun storytelling. It’s what we were put on this planet to do.

Now that that’s all done, I gotta go back to my own writing. Toodles.