Day: February 23, 2011

All Star Superman? Not Even D-League…

When I heard that All Star Superman was getting the animated treatment, how could I not be excited? The epic 12 part comic series coming to life before my very eyes. Then the wait… about 6 months later. It was the day. I fired up my media player and got ready for what I was sure was the most epic Superman action I’ve seen since Batman and Superman teamed up that first time.

I was wrong.

The film opens up with Superman saving a mission to the Sun and getting exposed as fuck to the radiation. All a part of Lex’s plan. Over the next year, as superman is dieing from the radiation poisoning, he has a 12 point checklist of all the things he must do. It’s a very different Superman. There are far fewer fight scenes and many more of dramatic dialog and self reflection. This is all good.

The problem with this film is that it crams 12 issues of comic into an hour and 10 minutes of movie. Many of the stories were lost or just vaguely mentioned. Such as the Evil Superman or how Superman fixed the sun. It’s really a hollow shell of what could have been two or three really great movies.

What does shine, as always… is Lex Luther. He’s fucking hilarious as usual. So evil.

All and all, I think I made the mistake like I did with Kick-Ass and read the source material before watching the movie. But that still dosen’t excuse how lazy this attempt was. Come on DC, don’t start slacking in your animation department. After Nolan is gone, you got nothing.