Day: February 25, 2011

The movie is ready to shoot… But we still need your help

It’s been an amazing number of months. It’s amazing to see just a small idea become… well, real.

Those of you who don’t know what we’ve been doing, we’re not only making a film literally from scratch, we’re building the whole company (wolfen films) from scratch. The props and equipment we used will most likely be recycled to make more great things for you guys in the months and years to come.

But we’re still far from where we would like to be. Little money has been raised. Between myself and Lucca the Nerd’s Christye we’ve funded it quite well. But a dollar here and there would make it many times better than it already is.

Even better, if you don’t even wanna give money, that’s awesome.

After that computer meltdown I had a couple of weeks ago, my friend John really stepped up and gave me a new… well sorta new desktop. But it does need a better graphics card. I’m running an 8mb graphics card. No, that is not a typo. Editing with this thing is basically a no go. If anyone out there has a PCI Express video card to donate, let me know. I’ll give you a credit and my love forever and ever.

If you even wanna come help us film around Chicago, you can do that too. We need as many hands and cameras as possible. You can hang with us awesome people… and there’s gonna be FREE FOOD. Not to mention I’ll have a nice wrap party for us that’s gonna be off da chain yo ahem…

If you have some sort of location (we need a couple of houses or something) we could use that.

If you wanna buy some advertising in movie, we can talk about that too. Just leave a comment below, e-mail me, or whatever you like.

See the “Authors” tab above for all my contact info.


It’s a joy, and dare I say it… a blessing that I get this grand opportunity to create something fun for the universe to partake of.

I won’t let you all down.

So don’t let me down.

Donate, help, leave a friendly comment of support. Something. Next you’ll hear from me is from the set… filming. Ain’t that a hoot.


Indiegogo Campaign has 3 days left as of right now. Every dollar helps a kitten… okay it doesn’t, but it’ll put some coffee in a cold cameraman’s stomach so he doesn’t bitch all damn morning.

You can find all the fundraising links here… and of course the movie’s official website here.