Day: March 2, 2011

Looking for a few good (wo)men

Fund raising is done (preliminary anyway…) and in three weeks cameras will roll. So exciting. But we’re still in need of a few things to make it perfect.


When making a movie on such a low budget as this, you need to call in a few favors from your friends and family who believe in you (those of you who are helping me out, you’re amazing and I love you all.)

Anyway, there have been many people around Chicagoland who are wondering how they can help out. Most of whom came to love the script after they read it.

Here’s what I need.


Male, female… I really don’t care at this point. I just have to fill up a few spots. I’ll plan accordingly.


I need some people more efficient in Adobe Aftereffects and the like than I… which isn’t too hard too hard to do.


Me and Josh Carlascio have a few cameras between us. However, for the shots we want to have… we need as many cameras as possible to get the shots we want. If you have a camera, tripod, anything. We really could use you.

Craft Services:

We like noms, and some people who shall remain nameless get really angry when they don’t eat. You know who you are. I’ll most likely handle this nonsense myself. But if anyone wants to jump in and not give us food poisoning, then go right ahead.


Let’s face it. For the official website (still under construction, but it’s there) as well as any posters I have to make at a later date, we’re gonna need some new artwork. I’m artistically retarded like that so it would be beyond awesome to find someone who does.


Like I’ve said in the past, we can get by on what we have. However, we could make things much better.

I can’t pay anyone of course, if I could I wouldn’t exactly be begging over facebook, twitter, and craigslist now would I? But you do get to spend a few days with some really great people and add a great film to your resume.

If you’re already saying “fuck that”. That’s fine. Some words of encouragement would be pretty cool as well.

If anyone has any comments or questions… use the comment thingy below. You can also find my contact information on the site. Ask away, I can’t read minds.