Day: March 10, 2011

Changes and Shakeups. Good Ones.

After a few cast drop outs and some other things far beyond my control, the last few days has been quite chaotic. I apologize for not getting back to a lot of you guys, I’ll do that today.


We’ll have a new donation system. I’m not too much of a fan of Indiegogo taking their Hulk sized cut out of everything, and just making a confusing system for people to use. So I’m cutting out the middle man and just making some nice donation buttons for the official website. But I need to get in contact with my buddy John who’s the admin for that site to get things fixed… so if you’re really itching to make a donation right now (as you should) You can at the temporary donation site.

But for the most part it looks like fundraising is over and we’ll have to work with what we got. This isn’t a bad thing.

We film in 2 weeks. Get hype.