Day: March 20, 2011

C2E2 Interview: Phil Hester

I had a chance to sit down with Phil Hester, creator of the long running comic and recent Cartoon Network movie “Firebreather”.

Wish it came out better… but this is all trial and error in this business right?


I’m basically dead after the convention, so I’ll get a transcript up here too if you all like… but for now I’m gonna sleep, I’m tired.


C2E2: Boy Wonder

Batman’s a pretty cool motherfucker isn’t he? But what if Batman weren’t so rich… and was a little more… well, real.

You would think that would equal a very boring narrative. Boy Wonder will change your frame of mind.

Set in New York, we follow the development of Sean Donovan, a quiet but smart kid. You know the drill. Apparently, in his spare time he like to go around and fight a certain type of criminal… all in a quest to find the murderer of his mother. This leads him to question his own morals… and his family for that matter.

The movie, I must admit… starts at a snail’s pace. But once it finds it’s flow at about the fifteen minute mark, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. I know I was.

I dunno how wide a theatrical release (if any) it’ll have, but if you get a chance to see it… whether it be at a festival or con, do so or I’ll put some black goop on my face for no apparent reason and kick your ass on a subway.

There’s another screening at C2E2 on Sunday afternoon. Check it out.

TL;DR… See this now please. Unless you’re a dumbass who doesn’t like well developed characters and twisty storylines.