C2E2: Boy Wonder

Batman’s a pretty cool motherfucker isn’t he? But what if Batman weren’t so rich… and was a little more… well, real.

You would think that would equal a very boring narrative. Boy Wonder will change your frame of mind.

Set in New York, we follow the development of Sean Donovan, a quiet but smart kid. You know the drill. Apparently, in his spare time he like to go around and fight a certain type of criminal… all in a quest to find the murderer of his mother. This leads him to question his own morals… and his family for that matter.

The movie, I must admit… starts at a snail’s pace. But once it finds it’s flow at about the fifteen minute mark, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. I know I was.

I dunno how wide a theatrical release (if any) it’ll have, but if you get a chance to see it… whether it be at a festival or con, do so or I’ll put some black goop on my face for no apparent reason and kick your ass on a subway.

There’s another screening at C2E2 on Sunday afternoon. Check it out.

TL;DR… See this now please. Unless you’re a dumbass who doesn’t like well developed characters and twisty storylines.



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