Philosophy: Is Losing Friends Worth the Price of Success?

Teh Truf

As a writer, or even just as a human being… there are times when my friends or even my family have questioned my logic. This is all fine and dandy. That is, if there’s some sort of logical rhyme and reason for it all. Just doubting people just for the fuck of it really dosen’t help anyone.

But that’s not what I’m getting at. I just want to talk about dealing with haters like that.

No matter who it is, friends or family. You have to remember. This is your craft and your passion. It needs to be done and done well at any cost.

I personally have dealt with problems such as these since I was ten years old at the least. My rich parents were grooming me to be something like an Architect or a Doctor or (God forbid) a lawyer. But I really wanted to write. I could never get them to read the things I wrote, for years. Sabotaging my contest entries as I grew up.

My parents are no longer in my life for that and many other reasons. But long story short, I dumped them. Sometimes you just need to do that. It hurts, it still does. But the benefit of knowing you did what was best for YOURSELF is what matters.

Had problems with my movie as well, I had a certain male. He was question my judgement. I was rocking the boat. He said I was stupid and a whole bunch of other pretty rude things. We were never really friends anyway so no big loss there. Then there were others, laughing behind my back at this crazy thing I was doing.  Some of which I included on said film from the start. Just totally not taking it seriously, lacking faith.

All just baggage. If someone is doubting what you’re doing and can’t give you any sort of logical reason why, they’re just like my parents… caring for you only when it’s totally convenient for them. Your real friends will shine even in your darkest hour… and when you’re writing those hours seem to come in rapid order.

So, if you’re hell bent on accomplishing something positive… do it at all costs. Even if it means kicking people to curb. You need to tell yourself it’s not personal, it’s business… but in my case, my business is quite personal.

Just thought this had to be said. Back to work now. We’re filming.

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