Month: April 2011

Dance Dance Revolution: Filming days 1 and 2 reflections

Still exhausted, but finally getting this article done.

Saturday and Sunday were some marvelous times I’ll tell you what.

After 6 months of plotting, planning, and pretty much a whole mess of failure, we did our first shots. Head to that jolly good facebook page to see pictures and stuff.

Coming into the weekend I realized that all I really wanted to accomplish was to remove all doubt… and from people I talked to after the fact, I think I did more than just remove all doubt… I instilled a sense of hope and excitement. I think we all felt it when we went through day 1’s footage. This is real and it’s gonna be pretty epic.

From meeting everyone, I could see what page we’re on… and really, I got more talent at my disposal than I thought. I love surprises.

Also, Josh is right… we need something a little more epic. Doing some rewrites and approaching everything differently. Now that I have a set cast I can shift my focus to making things fit a little better for them.

I’m actually glad Yvette, Mark, and Joe dropped out of this. If you don’t want to be here, I don’t want you. Simple as that. I can’t have anyone dragging this shit down. And Derick… Don’t get me wrong, Derick’s an awesome motherfucker and I wish we could have him around. But then we wouldn’t have Cody.

Things just worked out.

To everyone that came out, thanks. And God damn you Barrett…

While filming, I’ve never felt so happy in a long time. Guess I’m doing it right.

Until May everyone.

Oh yes, one more thing. We have some nice things.  Coming up as well. Tribune wants an interview as soon as the film is finished and I got a possible screening for us. And this is just for starters. Like I said, big things are going to happen.

Those of you who want to help out, check out the movie’s info here. And donate here so I can keep feeding these guys and driving them about.

New Journeys: Welcome to Hard Mode

Before I get back to work on this masterpiece of a movie (yes, it’s a masterpiece… trust me, I got this) I’d like to sit back once more and examine the adventures of myself and rapper, Random (Mega Ran).

Welcome to Hard Mode.

If you’re a fan of Random, you may have read that he’s going into the music thing full-time now. I’m expecting some great things out of him, hope he knows this. For a while now I’ve totally respected everything this man does inside the studio and out. Really a decent guy. To be quite honest, the respect I got for him is the same type I get from 2 people in my life right now (you know who you are <3) So take that for what it’s worth. Hope to actually make it to a concert one of these days X__X.

His announcement falls a couple of days before I begin my journey as well, filming on Saturday to begin what I hope becomes… well, a regular job and maybe some sort of money (nigga I’m broke!). But it’s a step in the direction I want to go, and I’ve come a long way in the past few years. Though I must admit I feel like a did on my first day of Kindergarten. Sad, lonely, and just downright scared. But I lived through it and advanced to the next grade.

If you would have told me back in April 2008 when I had a noose around my neck I’d be filming a movie in three years, I truly wouldn’t have believed you. But here I am, alive.

I would call this a good omen for both of us. A lot of success awaits us. I know Ran won’t disappoint, nor will I.

Let’s go have some fun. Go buy Random’s shit. It’s good. He’s a big dude, he needs lots of food.

Also, my film will be out soon as well. Let’s hope shooting goes well. Don’t be afraid to donate to the cause. Because our cause is poor as hell.

It’s difficult, but that’s what Hard Mode is all about isn’t it? And once we get to our destination, there’s a much better reward for us.

So rock on.

An Apology in Advance

This Saturday my friends, we begin filming Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior’s Path For many months it has been the source of many great things and many ust plain awful ones.

From the 1st draft, to Yvette being a cunt. It’s all there.

But anyways, I just wanted to apologize right now to anyone working with me this weekend. None of you have ever seen me work before. When I work, I WORK. I’m all about getting the job done and doing it right. This is my first big shot to do something awesome, I have investors and they can’t be let down. Sorry if I’m humorless or rude at times,  I’m just being serious is all.


See you all this weekend.

Fighting Game Stream? In MY Midwest? It’s more likely than you think.

What's up bad photoshop?

The folks here at Wolfen Films (both of us <__<) love a good fighting game to kill the time when we’re not writing… which isn’t as often as we like.

I’ve spoken about Galloping Ghost at length a couple of times, and still enjoying my trips there. But my friend Norbert Vale had an idea, why not do a stream for the (just about) monthly tournaments.

It took a minute to convince me, but I bumped week two of filming for that movie I’m working on. He’s into it, so I’m into it as well.

But if you haven’t figured it out already, when I do things, I do them big, really big. I’m talking direct feed, with commtary that only Norbert and I can produce (I can see Kristen shaking her head already). Why shouldn’t the place with the best selection of fighting games have the best stream as well? I say to you people, hell yes.

All and all, this will help get the arcade that much more exposure, and getting certain gamers out of their basements and into the sunlight. Yes people, the sunlight isn’t gonna kill you.

So, guess that’s it. Me and Norbert will see you in a couple of weeks. Let’s make it hot.

Mr. Vale, you have a powerful ally.


Casting Time: Dance Dance Revolution the Warrior’s Path

It’s crunch time. We’ve had a few dropouts (rather rude ones indeed). So we have a few spots still open.

As this is our first project, it will be non-paying. But it’s a good way to build up your resume (we’re trying to build ours as well.)

Let’s cut to the chase. Here’s who I need.

Woman, early 20’s.

2 Men, early 20’s

Just e-mail me a headshot and resume to and we’ll take it from there. Then I’ll convince you I’m not a serial killer.

We will begin shooting Saturday the 16th at 8AM.