Fighting Game Stream? In MY Midwest? It’s more likely than you think.

What's up bad photoshop?

The folks here at Wolfen Films (both of us <__<) love a good fighting game to kill the time when we’re not writing… which isn’t as often as we like.

I’ve spoken about Galloping Ghost at length a couple of times, and still enjoying my trips there. But my friend Norbert Vale had an idea, why not do a stream for the (just about) monthly tournaments.

It took a minute to convince me, but I bumped week two of filming for that movie I’m working on. He’s into it, so I’m into it as well.

But if you haven’t figured it out already, when I do things, I do them big, really big. I’m talking direct feed, with commtary that only Norbert and I can produce (I can see Kristen shaking her head already). Why shouldn’t the place with the best selection of fighting games have the best stream as well? I say to you people, hell yes.

All and all, this will help get the arcade that much more exposure, and getting certain gamers out of their basements and into the sunlight. Yes people, the sunlight isn’t gonna kill you.

So, guess that’s it. Me and Norbert will see you in a couple of weeks. Let’s make it hot.

Mr. Vale, you have a powerful ally.


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