Dance Dance Revolution: Filming days 1 and 2 reflections

Still exhausted, but finally getting this article done.

Saturday and Sunday were some marvelous times I’ll tell you what.

After 6 months of plotting, planning, and pretty much a whole mess of failure, we did our first shots. Head to that jolly good facebook page to see pictures and stuff.

Coming into the weekend I realized that all I really wanted to accomplish was to remove all doubt… and from people I talked to after the fact, I think I did more than just remove all doubt… I instilled a sense of hope and excitement. I think we all felt it when we went through day 1’s footage. This is real and it’s gonna be pretty epic.

From meeting everyone, I could see what page we’re on… and really, I got more talent at my disposal than I thought. I love surprises.

Also, Josh is right… we need something a little more epic. Doing some rewrites and approaching everything differently. Now that I have a set cast I can shift my focus to making things fit a little better for them.

I’m actually glad Yvette, Mark, and Joe dropped out of this. If you don’t want to be here, I don’t want you. Simple as that. I can’t have anyone dragging this shit down. And Derick… Don’t get me wrong, Derick’s an awesome motherfucker and I wish we could have him around. But then we wouldn’t have Cody.

Things just worked out.

To everyone that came out, thanks. And God damn you Barrett…

While filming, I’ve never felt so happy in a long time. Guess I’m doing it right.

Until May everyone.

Oh yes, one more thing. We have some nice things.  Coming up as well. Tribune wants an interview as soon as the film is finished and I got a possible screening for us. And this is just for starters. Like I said, big things are going to happen.

Those of you who want to help out, check out the movie’s info here. And donate here so I can keep feeding these guys and driving them about.

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