Month: May 2011

Distribution? DVD Commentary? Release Dates? Oh my!

Alright. Lot of things going on. I’ll run through them real quick.

First of all, all of you Pirate Bay users are gonna be happy about this. The pilot for Chronicles of Failure is avilible for download over there. Go ahead, download it.

This brings me to my next set of info on Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior’s Path.

As you already know, we’ll be releasing it on The Pirate Bay. Never said when.

Now I am. July 10th. About 12 hours after the premiere, we’ll upload the film to Pirate Bay and you all can enjoy it in all it’s glory… free of charge. However, this version will be a little bit different.

For Pirate Bay users, they’ll get the same awesomeness… but none of the extra surprising you’ll get at the screenings or on the DVD which you’ll be able to pre-order soon.

What are these awesome features you ask?

1. Commentary. Lots of commentary. You’ll find multiple tracks of this stuff from me and other members of the cast, and other special people just Mystery Science Theatreing the fuck out of the film.

2. Snazzy Packaging. Yes, I count that as a feature. It’s always nice to have a physical piece of history. It’ll be signed and everything for you.

I think that’s all for that. Keep on staying tuned.

The Final Push. We need your help! Buy a hat!

Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior’s Path is growing and triving more than I possibly could have imagine.

However we aren’t done yet.

We still have a handful of scenes to shoot, including an epic ending that will make other indie filmmakers blush.

That’s why the final phase of fundrasing begins now.

Not only can you donate on the Indiegogo page once again, you can also support us by buying these awesome hats.

They’re $15 shipped. Tell your friends. Look like a pimp and help indie filmmaking at the same time. You heart and head will both remain warm… even in the rain.

Awww shit, hat mania!

Find hat info on the facebook page. Piece out ya’ll. Official trailer coming next week. Party down!

Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior’s Path. First clip

Well, it’s almost been a month since I last posted. But for good reason I suppose.

Filming is in  full swing. Slow, but in swing.

Enjoy this clip from the facebook page. It has some noticeable hiccups, but I wanted to give the people a little something.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More media coming later.

Remember to donate if you like. The movie’s been going crazy with press as of late.

Remember, us filmmakers need to eat, so donate if you like to help us not starve to death on set.