The Future: Horror, The Power of Music, and Chefs doing Ultra Combo finishes

Now that Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior’s path is finishing up and having it’s World Premiere on July 9th (If you’re not there, you’re wrong). It’s time to move on. So I’d like to show you my next three projects.

1. Combat Chefs:

This web series, mixes the elements from competitive cooking shows with the beauty and splendor of fighting games such as street fighter. 6 episode series should be in production soon. There may or may not be a script floating around. Just ask.

2. Audacity:

It’s a working title yes. But that’s beside the point. This feature will bring together Music and weaponry. They say that music can be a powerful weapon, let’s make that a reality.

3. Everlasting Love:

What I really like to do in my very little spare time is think about how I could totally make a genre better… but it could never really come to me… but I have an idea now. Let’s take vampires, and have a little fun with it. That’s all I’m saying for now. Just expect a lot of needles and blood.

If anyone out there would like to jump on these projects, just let me know. You know where to find me.

I’ll have some logos and pages up for these things once I get a little sleep.

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