Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior’s Path DVD

Okay, the time has come. The DVD.

*Cue Epic Music*

Not only will you be treated to the HD goodness of a DDR Movie, you’ll also be treated to a extended (better and complete) cut that adds a good 20 minutes onto the run time. But we’re unloading the special features like a motherfucker.

-5 different tracks of DVD commentary.

-DDR The Warrior’s Path: The Drinking Game

-Cast interviews

-Outtakes… because we have lots of them.

Each DVD will come numbered and in a really cool case. Because we’re baller status over here.

DVD’s will go for 15 dollars. This includes shipping and what not.

Release date is August 9th.

You can pre-order now via PayPal to Just leave a note what it’s for I’ll make a nice fancy page and a button and stuff for that.

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