DDR: The Warrior’s Path. Torrent delayed. Youtube? DVD Release Info

That is correct. Not only is there a torrent for your viewing pleasure of an early cut, but also… it’s up on Youtube for your viewing pleasure. Isn’t that great?

Also, torrent is delayed so we can get a better conversion.

I’m not at all a fan of the quality of this file. I frankly think it doesn’t do Josh Caraliso any justice for just how pretty this thing looks. But you work with what you have and this is what I have… so let’s rock it.

I’ll be uploading a new torrent soon with a much better rip. But for you lower bandwidth users… like myself, I’ve put a lower quality version up on Youtube so you can watch it on the train and shit. Nothing like some serious DDR Biznis during your morning commute.

I hate embedding Youtube videos in WordPress. Let’s hope this works.

Enjoy the film. Buy a DVD to see it in it’s true form. Details on that in a minute.

It’s gonna take a minute to process. So if it’s not working yet, just come back a little later.

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