DDR: The Warrior’s Path… Thanks all

It all started in October, and after a buttload of months of running around with my head cut off, DDR: The Warrior’s Path is now complete.

From my first supporter and biggest fan Christye to our latest edition Claire… I think this is one of the greatest groups of folks I’ve been around in a really long time. And we all know I needed good people around me… as some of you saw first hand.

The project didn’t go the way I wanted it… at all. But I guess that’s what makes it pretty good. The random crazyness is the staple of this one.

Christye: The one person no one here saw, heard from, or knows (except Shane). She’ll be at GenCon to hang out with us for a bit. Without her, the ball never would have gotten rolling and now I owe her something of a sexual nature… or various baked goods. Same thing.

Cody: Ahh, the stuff great career memories are made of… “Remember that time I picked you up from the Hammond train station? Good times…” but, I’m just glad someone actually read me shit and convinced me that I didn’t suck so much.

Brendan : Bringing real acting into the movie… wrongwitchu?

Laine: Too bad you had to leave before we finished all your stuff, but we worked around it well.

Barrett Blomberg: … … … … … You are always in character. And you’re yourself. Can’t ask for much more than that. But when you’re acting… you’re actually… good. Really good.

Colleen Mercer: You did Kevin’s hair… because I have a penis and can’t do hair.

Kevin: Thanks for letting us use your house so many times over the past few months… and for being our villain. Smug motherfucker.

Josh: I’m pretty sure you and I lost a lot of sleep and health over the last few months, but now we can rest for a minute. The movie looks pretty and that’s all on you. Plus, you didn’t break your leg… but you did almost lose your hearing thanks to a certain someone…

Bob: Maybe I wrote you some better lines than I previously thought… came off a little too smooth for you. haha.

Norbert: You lost the game.

Ryan: It was great hanging out with us and what not. Hard to find other black people that show up for stuff <___<

‘Fluff’: Fuck, you’re so British. But you all the same height as the actual Yvette and twice the age (almost). But anyway, it was great you actually came out and helped us all in our time of need. Not to mention adding a sense of class to this movie. I smell an Oscar.

Monster Joe: Dude, you remind me of Jeff Bridges a bit… no lie.

Alex: The truck is in every scene.

Now, comes the fun part. Distribution. So just sit back all of you and see what happens. I have to wait to hear from a number of places. We’ll see what the fates deal us.

And tell everyone in the universe to buy a DVD. These festival entrys are expensive yo.

Time to start over. Next project GO!

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