Month: September 2011

Chicago International Film Festival: “George the Hedgehog” (Jez Jerzy)

"Oh Shit"

Hey, sup Poland? I’m a big fan of your sausages and your ability to be conquered by Hitler. But had no idea there was a strong adult animation scene. Apparently there is.

Apparently, this hedghog dude has had a long running comic in Poland, and comes in kid friendly and adult versions. This one is clearly the later.


The film focuses on George, a lusty, binge drinking  hedgehog who’s dating a married woman with a bitch-ass husband. Things are going quite well until two Neo Nazi friends decide to beat him up.

Not to give too much away, but George ends up getting cloned. Though the clone is far from perfect, it hits the town and causes a VERY special kind of havoc. VERY.

The animation style is flash… I’m not 100% on that, maybe someone can help me out there. But I love the way it turned out. Plenty of depth, and you can definitely see a couple of nods to some certain anime… and one of the best animated fight sequences I’ve seen in years.

Well this get a wide release. I’d have to say no. But I’ve been wrong before. An english dub would be interesting though.

All and all, it was a refreshing animated experience after all the Dreamworks and Pixar I’ve been watching as of late. If sex, drugs, drinking, blood, and puke are your thing… then this isn’t one to be missed.


Here comes the Hype Train! Chicago Film Festival time!

You know how wet I get when I start talking film and shit. But today, I’ve creamed myself twice.

Anyway, it’s that time of year again. Time for us to pack AMC River East and get cultured the fuck up. The lineup from this year is one of the best I’ve EVER seen at a film festival. Problem with that is simple the fact that I can’t do them all. I’m not Dr. Manhattan.

Another thing that’s really exciting me is the fact that most of these films aren’t even American. It’s always a good study to see how different cultures do shit, filmmaking is no different in that matter.

Here are my picks for the festival.

10. Smuggler

9. We Need to Talk About Kevin

8. The Yellow Sea

7. Love Actually… Sucks.

6. Juan of the Dead

5. A Dangerous Method

4.  Machete Language

3. George the Hedgehog

2. Melancholia

1. Shorts 4: In N’ Out

A series of shorts based on unconventional love. You know I’m there…clip from Venus.


It’s going to be pretty epic if you ask me. Time to go now. See you all at the Festival. 😀

Martha Marcy May Marlene: Rape, Brainwashing! Yay!

Also posted on Awesomesauce.


It’s that time of year again. It’s time when all the good, deep movies come out. I think it’s best to start out with the Sundance daring Martha Marcie May Marlene.

The name’s a handful I know, but then again… so is the film itself.

Sad part about writing a review for this is that I really can’t tell you much about the movie itself outside what you just saw in the trailer. It’s a film that requires you to sort shit out in your head as you watch. This is going to require at least 2 more viewings for me I’m sure.

There’s a bit of a shocker at the end that’ll leave mainstream audiences not very happy. Thankfully for me, Director Sean Durkin was at my screening for the Q&A and broke everything down. Great dude that Mr. Durkin, we got to talk for a minute afterwards.

But about the film, much like Winter’s Bone last year… it’s dark, low budget and just delivers one surprise after another. It’s bound to leave a lasting impression on all that watch it. Everything is just nailed straight into your brain.


Dance Dance Revolution Sequel Time.

Been asking myself this since we first screened in July. Is it really worth the time and effort to make a sequel to this thing?

When I went into making it, I really didn’t expect much from it. But uppon setting down and seeing what we’ve actually accomplished, I though even harder about it.

But is there more story to be told? Yes, there really is.

Great ready in 2012, because Pump It Up: The Warrior’s Path is coming in 2012. Bigger budget, more dancing games. It’s gonna be pretty epic if I do say so myself.

Since it’s going to focus around Pump It Up, I wan’t to get the international community involved a little more (because let’s face it, they’re all pretty awesome.)

I’m working on a draft as well speak and I can guarantee all the stuff you liked about the first one… including plenty of talk of Arbys.

Will I be able to get the whole cast back? I’m going to tell you right now that’s going to be a no, due to various issues. But most of everyone will be back and greater than ever because they love me.

I’m lovable like that.

So yes, Pump it Up movie… next year. Let’s roll.

Reflecting on Filmmaking and why no one is working for me for free anymore.

I’m in need of some encouragement and so are other members of the A Hint of Cherry crew. I just want to reflect on the hardships.

Dance Dance Revolution: The Warrior’s Path was a pretty original experience. But really not one I ever want to repeat. Since it was so obscure we were able to get next to nothing fund-wise… I wasn’t able to get the staff or the awesome actors I really wanted (Not saying I didn’t luck the fuck out and get some cool ones anyway ).

The film was nothing more than guerrilla filmmaking at sadly it’s very finest. It’s a fun thing to do, but not for a Goddamn feature, shit. It was insane. But we made it through and I think we’re all better people from it.

Oh, and protip: When your director gives you a comment. Hell, if ANYONE gives you a compliment, don’t turn right around and insult him. Just sayin’.

I always want to try and put my actors and whoever is working for me in a position to succeed. Directors, if you’re just trying to create art and doing so at the cost of your cast and crew… you’re really fucking doing it wrong and need to find a new line of work. I personally make sure I get everyone I work with all the exposure they can, even if it means taking a back seat to your own work to promote them. This is what being an awesome filmmaker is all about. If you make them look good, you’ll look good for picking them up. This is why I still handpick my cast now, if I ask you, be honored because I’m about promote the fuck out of you.

Now that that’s all out of the way, it’s time for a list of sorts. Why is no one going to work for me for free… anymore.

1. You actors are fucking weird.

  • This isn’t really a problem
  • However…
  • Yeah, you’ll some weird fuckers. Talented but weird.
  • You all deserve it for the things I make you do and say, I know some of them aren’t easy.
  • All I really need you all to do is show up and say stuff, some money will guarantee that happens. I’m sorry, I don’t trust human beings. I like dogs.
  • Actors are weird.
2. Stress Level
  • Nothing is worse than making a film and realizing you have absolutely no one with a particular talent you need. This makes you have to pull these talents out of your ass and that’s not too great a feeling… ever. Fuck that shit.
3. Production Value
  • DDR had some pretty good production values actually. Though sometimes we had to go to great lengths in AWFUL ASS places (like Northwest Indiana, fuck that place.)
  • Filming at this apartment sucks. Lots of random variables. With some funds, we can get some places that are a little more… well, better. Yes. More better #grammar
So yeah, I think that’s a nice and entertaining breakdown of where I am film-wise. I hope you all enjoyed it.