CIFF: Why the Hell Did I Watch This Shit?

One of the advantages to being press at these Festivals is the fact you’ll see a lot of movies.

That said, the worst part of it is that you’ll be watching a number of less than stellar ones too. As is the case of what I saw last week… Sleeping Beauty.

I’m expecting a modern take on the kickass fairy tale… like what the press booklet said.

This didn’t happen. Let’s break the movie down shall we?

Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) plays Lucy, a young university student drawn into a mysterious hidden world of unspoken desires.

Sounds nice. But lets continue.

In between school and her job  she gets another job as an object of sexual fantasy… mostly for creepy old farts. She’s not too thrilled about it of course.

From there. That’s really about it. The rest of the movie is really full of fluff. There were a number of characters I saw I wanted to get to know better, but again… not happening.

Granted, the sex scenes were brave and well filmed. Kudos to director Julia Leigh for that. But the movie I was promised ended up being a 90 minute piece of plotless shit. I spent the whole movie waiting for something to happen. And the ending is NOT supposed to be hilarious but brought laughter to the screening room. It was awful.

Stay away. I feel dirty.


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