Serious Business: Make it Double

All right, as I’ve said about twenty billion times before. Pump it Up: The Warrior’s Path is coming out.

What’s going to make your dance-game related movie experience better is seeing TWO of them back to back.

How the fuck is this going to work? I’ll give you an idea. Have you seen Grindhouse… or even better, played the game Wet ? Then you know where I’m going with this.

Have the two films back to back with trailers and PSAs in between. We’re going back to the 70’s to give you a slice of comedy you’ve never seen before.

As for a release date. I’ll keep that quiet for now. But I do have a Con in mind to roll this out at. Maybe I’ll have some info on that at C2E2 in March.

Lastly, the script is still getting written. I’ve been rolling through it, asking my cast if they like what I’m doing. So far, they’ve been approving what I’m doing. I’m really ramping up the insanity on this one. More profanity, racism, and Ryzen’s mom… all that good stuff. And I will say again, this is going to be the end of Dance Game Movies for me. I have some pretty good projects slated right after this one. But I felt this story needed to be told and finished first. And oh is it going out with a bang.

As for the cast. I’ve gotten every single person from the first film back on board… excluding Barrett… but that’s a conversation for another day. We’re also adding some fresh blood. But I won’t mention them until I can get a solid commitment… and that means rolling out a script for them to read. We handle production in an unusual way, but I guess that’s what makes the flow of these films so great.

Now, it’s back to work. Don’t forget to add the films on Facebook… and all that jazz.


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