CIFF: Can I have some Depression with a side of Sadness?

Okay, I saw this about 19 days ago… but I had trouble trying to find the right way to explain it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched anything so dark and depressing… actually the last time was when I saw Antichrist… another Lars Von Trier film (masturbating in the woods for the win.)

Kristen Dunst (and her ass), Kiefer Sutherland, and Alexander Skarsgard round out a pretty awesome cast.

Melancholia … the feeling you get afterwords… well, let me just show you a picture.

Yeah, basically that’s how you’ll feel after watch Melancholia.

The film centers on a group of folks at a wedding at a really posh hotel with a golf course and all that jazz. But the bride (Kristen Dunst) is all sad all night long. Why? Because she knew the world was ending. That would ruin anyone’s day.

This is the centerpiece for 2 solid hours of pure depression. The movie gets more and moreso into the thrilling finale. But it’s all so beautiful, you really don’t mind getting depressed. Great performances all around. Wonderful scenery… and even though the astronomy being explained was stupid as all hell, I didn’t mind it once I suspended belief (a lot).

I think due to the director’s odd comments at Cannes (that were blown way the fuck out of proportion) that might be keeping this film from a wide release. But I think it’ll do great on VOD and its limited run next month. I suggest you go see it.


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