Month: November 2011

New Feature: First To Five

Yes. Fucking BONK... because BONK is awesome. Anyone who says otherwise can fuck themselves.

It’s been a busy day here at the office… if you want to call it that. But we have more.

We have a new feature coming… as the title suggests. We call it First to Five. And it’s an exploration of multiplayer gaming… past and present. Atari to PS3. We’re outfitting the PC with a nice capture card so you’ll have a nice crisp picture to go along with the consent yelling and profanity that comes with intense gaming.

Food, drinks, gaming, and good friends. It’s a recipe for hilarity.

We’re going to start production shortly, just need to get some things in place. But go ahead and check out the page here.

We’ll have a revolving cast of players, but if it’s anything like our weekly gaming get togethers, you’re in for a fucked up treat, that’s for sure.

Anyone with game suggestions, just fire away.

And now, he’s something a little different. Character Select.

A lot of talk about the Serious Business Double feature lately. Which I actually finished another dose of rewrites for last night. But I want to talk about one of my upcoming projects for a minute.

I’ve been asked numerous times to make a fighting game movie. I love fighting games, so hey, that sounds awesome.

But then I got to thinking. How am I going to make a movie about fighting games, but put it into a real world setting? Here’s your answer.

Welcome to the world of Character Select. A movie about new age prize fighting and the people in control of it. Those people who control, will be using arcade sticks. Think about this for a second and you’ll smile. Oh the potential.

I’ll be consulting some people who shall remain nameless right now as I begin to write this script. It’s going to be epic, I assure you .

Mega Ran returns… yay! Get some.

I gotta get back to work on some movies. But I had to throw this one out there.

Anyone who’s been following me for any amount of time knows I have a hard on for Megaran. No homo of course.

After a couple of preview tracks and whatnot, the full album is out and I’m happy to say I’m not at all disappointed.

Sure, Mega Man 10 wasn’t anywhere near as musically defining as Mega Man 2 or even 3. But a number of the game’s tracks had my head nodding.

Megaran 10 covers pretty much all of the game’s tracks with the same great storytelling and gaming analogy you’ve come to expect over the past few years.

Download it at Amazon… or you know what, just Google that shitt. It’s simple enough, you all aren’t stupid. And it’s not like it’s expensive and shit.

I don’t always by music… but when I do, I find a quality independent artist. Here’s one right here folks.

Here’s hoping for a Mega Man X album… please?

Time to kick on Megaran 10 and get back to work.

Dancing games are serious business… in Australia

DDR: The Warrior’s Path had some international assistance. DJ Cyo dropping a couple of tracks from the wonderful fairytale-land of Mexico.

Well, with Pump it Up: The Warrior’s Path. He’ll be back with a more complete score. Isn’t that lovely?

But more importantly… I mentioned in an earlier post that we’ll be having some special segments in and around both films.

Here’s the kicker… some will be written and directed by me of course.

Others? Well they’ll be helmed by a crack team of writers and directors, doing their thing.


Allow me to be proud to welcome the Aussie filmmaker Nate Smith follow his bitch ass on Twitter.

Okay, so he’s not a bitch-ass. That would make him too much like that Chris Langer guy I dislike so much. But whatever. He’s going to make his country proud… or get thrown out of it for assisting a crazy black man at poisoning America’s youth. Expect some Western Australian charm.

I never knew there were actually human beings in Western Australia… The more you know.

I’ll be announcing more special guests as I get them. This movie’s going to be epic. Just you wait and see. I feel that this is going to be a big week.