And now, he’s something a little different. Character Select.

A lot of talk about the Serious Business Double feature lately. Which I actually finished another dose of rewrites for last night. But I want to talk about one of my upcoming projects for a minute.

I’ve been asked numerous times to make a fighting game movie. I love fighting games, so hey, that sounds awesome.

But then I got to thinking. How am I going to make a movie about fighting games, but put it into a real world setting? Here’s your answer.

Welcome to the world of Character Select. A movie about new age prize fighting and the people in control of it. Those people who control, will be using arcade sticks. Think about this for a second and you’ll smile. Oh the potential.

I’ll be consulting some people who shall remain nameless right now as I begin to write this script. It’s going to be epic, I assure you .

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