New Feature: First To Five

Yes. Fucking BONK... because BONK is awesome. Anyone who says otherwise can fuck themselves.

It’s been a busy day here at the office… if you want to call it that. But we have more.

We have a new feature coming… as the title suggests. We call it First to Five. And it’s an exploration of multiplayer gaming… past and present. Atari to PS3. We’re outfitting the PC with a nice capture card so you’ll have a nice crisp picture to go along with the consent yelling and profanity that comes with intense gaming.

Food, drinks, gaming, and good friends. It’s a recipe for hilarity.

We’re going to start production shortly, just need to get some things in place. But go ahead and check out the page here.

We’ll have a revolving cast of players, but if it’s anything like our weekly gaming get¬†togethers, you’re in for a fucked up treat, that’s for sure.

Anyone with game suggestions, just fire away.

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