Hey “Artists”… I’m going to keep it real with ya.

It’s time for angry Wolfen. You ready folks?

Okay, it’s time to keep it real. I just got done talking to my sensei to make sure I wasn’t acting like some sort of fucking loon. Take a look at the picture above if you haven’t gotten a chance to. I’ll wait.

Now, what does it say?

Having to say shit like this = no confidence!

Basically it says that they’re an artist and they won’t work for free. This is fine right? There’s no shame in wanting to get paid for your hard work and diligence. We all want that right?

But let’s keep it real for a minute. As a writer/director/producer… this is one of those things that can really make you rip your hair out. I would at least like to lay out the project for you and what’s expected before being turned upside down and the money shaken out of me. There just isn’t that type of money to spend just yet. I have to hand pick and fucking screen everyone I come across… and if the project itself isn’t the first thing on your mind when you’re actually talking to my ass ABOUT THE PROJECT, then at that point you can just fuck yourself.

My thoughts: Who the fuck is this bitch and why does she feel entitled to a free paycheck?

We all need to prove ourselves. Have a decent background of the thing you want before trying to shake people down. No one is going to hire someone right out of the fucking blue to do something that may or may not be quality. Nothing personal, it’s business. But when you fuck with my business, it’s personal. You’re going to have to do stuff for free. It’s the nature of being an artist. But people will see what you do and see you have heart and passion and good things will come to you. I’ve done it, and I’m much better for it.

I’ve discussed it before. Everyone’s getting paid. That’s just the fact of the matter. But if I’m paying you, you’re going to need to get the fuck on my level. Things have changed, I’m not playing around here. You want the spoils of war, you’re going to have to fight for it as much as I do… if not more.

To my dear friends on this project: This may be the last time we ever work together… unless you show me something really special. You’re being given a great opportunity, don’t fuck this shit up.

So artists. No, you don’t deserve you get paid. You have to make people DESIRE to pay you. I don’t give a shit how good friends we are.

Any questions?

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