Your early Christmas Present, Let’s Do Something Diffrent

Because we've all been here before.

I spend a lot of time talking about these various. Projects and things. But mostly as a service to those who will be working with me during this next year. It would be good to know that I’m not a serial killer (yet). That’s why I like to meet everyone beforehand… mostly so I can be comfortable, as well as know their limitations. You can learn a lot by a simple conversation or three. I also like to keep a running log of people’s fears. It’s quite interesting, try it sometime.

Anyway, let’s do that thing I hate. Talking about myself. Furry, formal military, mental patient… simple ways I can describe myself. But who really describes themselves? That’s stupid.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. You’ll notice right away I’m not your average type of director. I always value my actors thoughts and opinions on what I write, which is why I leave every step of the process open to you all… at least on certain projects like the current one. You actors are playing the characters, not me. So I want to try to fit your skill set as much as I can, while at the same time pushing you into something new. But then again that’s what acting is all about… but then again, I’m not an actor so maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Those who worked with me before you the deal. New folks, brace yourselves for something quite different.

I got 5 movies I want to do this year. Let’s see how it goes… Work never stops for me. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually get paid for something in 2012.

Well, tootles all… I have lots more production work to do over the holiday weekend. Peace out.

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