Pump it Up: The Warrior’s Path. Yeah, we in there.

Haven’t been updating things in a while. Let’s change that shall we?

We completed Day 3 of filming last afternoon. Here are my thoughts as of now.

My biggest concern was the talent I had. It goes without saying that last time we weren’t really stacked acting wise. Myself included. I hate acting to be honest. But I have to hand it to some of the new kids on the playground such as Julie pictured below, and Beth… who isn’t pictured because Josh has the footage and hasn’t given me stills yet. But it’s all good.

ImageAnd your guess would be correct. She’s playing Yvette from the first film due to a number of complications. I don’t regret this decision one fucking bit. No sir. She looks like her (but a little younger in the face, just sayin’), sounds like her, and is the same height. It’s the fucking Twilight Zone in here.

Beth was also a joy, she’ll be appearing as Ryzen’s Mother. Let’s just say formor boy band 98 Degrees was decissed and lol’s were had.

I have a full gallery of high-res pictures up in this bitch. Now I must get back to work… but hey, We in there there and things are feeling better than they ever had. I just need to get my stride and I’ll be okay. I’m just shocked that things are going as fucking well as they have been. And I can only thank the great folks I work with.

So, time to get ready for next weekend’s shoot.

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