What I Learned in Filmmaking is…

Okay, we’re getting really close to the GenCon Premiere (less than a month). But I thought I’d take a break from working to discuss some things. As a filmmaker, if you’re not learning every time you go out, you’re doing something completely wrong.

1. Show up on time.

Now this is just something your mother should teach you. If you’re not early, you’re late. That’s how it was when I was in the military, and that mentality stuck with me even afterwards. Because in this business, time is money.

2. Yes it’s work, but enjoy the fuck out of it.

You’re getting to play pretend. Nothing is more awesome than being a grownup and playing pretend…

3. You don’t owe anyone shit.

People are gonna want to keep taking from you without giving anything in return. It’s one thing to be nice, it’s another to let yourself be used.


This is a big one. The more you work around people, you’ll see this a lot. Directors, DPs, or even some actors will think that their wants and needs trump everyone elses. On set, you’re all equals. Decisions of one affect everybody and that should be held into account. Nothing pisses me off more than totally blatant disrespect for your follow film person. In any film, everyone from the director to the PA is an essential part of the filmmaking process and should never be shit on… VERY MUCH SO that the low level I’m at now. The people around you will see it, and they won’t want to work with you again.

So much more to learn too. Can’t wait to get back on set for more schooling.


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