My Season with Lee Everett. Average Black Man.


After quite a while, the season is over and I put the controller down at a little past midnight. I teared up quite a bit. It had to be one of the most powerful endings I’ve ever seen in a video game sans Final Fantasy anything. We got to watch the evolution of a true hero. Not with powers or anything but just a person trying to get by while at the same time trying to do the right things in the eyes of a little girl.

Telltale did an excellent job of making you feel the emotion of every little thing, from killing people you have to kill to making hard choices involving body parts. You felt like the group you were with in the game could easily be any of your real life friends. Each character had a rich and emotional story that made me actually care about keeping them alive best I could. Most games make it feel like an escort mission. But here, it felt you like were all together, win or lose. That’s what makes good drama.Image

Every time things got a little better, they got 20 times worse. Then again, that’s how the apocalypse works right? From the people eating people to the crazy lady in the woods, to the bandits, to betrayals, to cancer patients beating the shit out of your friend. It was like life, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

It was also quite awesome to see Clem go from scared little girl to strong survivor over the couple of a few months.

And when it was all over, you get the feeling that things are just beginning.


It’s been fun Mr. Everett. You taught the girl good.

Season 2. Hurry up.

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