Why the fuck is this movie taking so long to come out? Observations of directing my second feature.

ImageSince I’m asked this on average of 6 times a day. Here’s the answer to your woes and desires.

I started working on the movie soon after we screened the first movie in July… 2011. After a couple of drafts I started passing it about in October and had high hopes of starting in March.

I really wanted to switch things up and make it a mostly female affair. This drew the ire of our first  Yvette. She has a history of clashing with female co-stars and I basically wanted none of that. That’s when I dropped her and went for Julie, must to her displeasure.

My basic philosophy from the beginning was this. If you didn’t want to comply to really simple demands and act like a decent human, I didn’t want you to be there. Simple.

The casting process was fun though. Problem was, this was a script that was really hard for some people to get into. It required a lot of cursing and not taking yourself all too seriously. Not to mention the subject matter was something your average person wouldn’t know jack shit about. Like I told Beth (our movie’s Lily) that she was actually my 5th choice. Simply because of the content, but I finally found someone who quite frankly was brave enough to tackle it and I consider myself lucky. That goes double for Denise.

But back to the timeline.

In January, I had already had my actors set. At least a few of them. Julie and the others. I ended up losing one of my actors over some dumb shit. Lost a good friend though since people can’t tell the truth. But that’s another fucking story.

But I ended up taking Josh back on board from the first movie. He came to me and thought we could do a movie that was twice as good. I was pretty excited about this… for about a month.

When day 1 came (in April) things started to look a little… worse. Me and Josh butted heads about stuff. But hey, it was my project so I did what I wanted to do. I’ll listen to whatever it is, but when you come in and try to push me around, I’m not exactly going to lay down for you and Josh really wasn’t wasn’t feeling that.

It came to really simple things like shooting days to me dropping Kristen. Which of course I straight up told him fuck you for.

As time progressed, Josh would show up later and later to shoots and was ill-prepared to shoot when he did. Me and the actors would be waiting… sometimes for hours for him to show up somewhere after we had agreed on a time. No matter what business you’re in, you can’t do that shit. You’re basically giving a huge fuck you to all the other people who you happen to be working with. If you’re late once or something it’s no big deal. But there’s such a thing as blatant, malicious disregard. And that’s what was shown quite frankly.

Each time this would happen, we’d lose time. I can only keep actors around for so long and have them stay sharp. At least at this level.

We lost a lot of scenes simply because we’d run out of time every day while. If you take a look at the script I have and the movie we got, you’ve got a totally different movie. I’d have to shift things up time and time again. It was taxing on me, as well as the actors. This mess will never happen again.

The movie was supposed to be done in time for GenCon in August. That gave us months to have this movie done. But the above kept happening and the lack of cooperation. I know I’ll have other huge chances… but it always hurts.

But we really run into problems when I just couldn’t handle the massive amounts of straight up crap and decided to let Josh go. He didn’t take it very well.

He decided to steal some footage, it doesn’t completely kill the movie, but it’s enough that I basically had to rewrite and reshoot half the goddamn movie. And this takes time and a lot of sleepless nights. But I felt like it was all my fault, so I haven’t really been angry about that.

I’m just taking my time to make sure I do my actors justice for the hard work they put in. And they really put in some work.

What I truly don’t appreciate is the fact that I lost so many great performances and even whole character because he just wanted to spite me. Look, you can have it out for me all you want but as long as it’s just me. But as long as the other guys are working around me they’re like family and not to be fucked with or you’re going to have serious problems.

I have to say this, I have the best group of actors I could ever ask for. Any one of them I’d suggest for anything, just on the fact they tolerate me.

Now that that’s all cleared up. Let’s move on to the next thing.

Here’s what I learned.
1. Camera-people are jerks, make them work for your trust.

2. Normal people are never genuine. The weirder they are, the better.

3. Every person on your set is important. Make sure they know that. Things can’t move smoothly unless

4. If anyone is going to suffer. Make sure it’s you (The director, producer). It will be worth it in the end.

The way I do things is different than your average director. I think that’s one thing that’s made things so refreshing for us.

We’ll be screening things in January. Peace out guys.

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