Well, the movie is out. Before you go and watch… Let’s see what I learned.


Production started in August… of 2011… and now the movie is finally coming out more or less.

I’ll have a Youtube link for you guys as soon as I get back.

I just wanted to go over everything that happened and why the hell it took a year and a half other than the 4 months of turnaround with the first movie. I can tell you why. Personal problems.

In general I like to keep my lost tempers and anger strictly in a private setting. That’s why you haven’t seen any (really) angry posts and a lot of woe-is-me bullshit. Because blowing it up and making a scene will really help no one, especially. But there are just some cases where it’s just too funny to keep it to yourself and I’ll get to that.

First off it was back in January of last year. I had people over from New Years (I got a pretty nice setup, so it was really the place to be.) But long story short, one of my actors ending up having sex with my art director’s girlfriend… in my house. Yet he got all mad at me. It made no damn sense and everyone ended up mad at me. Sucks doing the right thing sometimes but whatever. I’d do the same thing again for any of my friends.

Secondly, it was my DP Josh. It was a weird relationship. We had worked together before and it was great. He came to me and said he thought we could do even better this time. How can I really deny that type of enthusiasm right? But when I make a movie, and as my actors and the like know. I like to have a particular type of relationship with my actors. While they work with you, they’re your family and should be treated as such with the utmost respect, even if you don’t get it back.

He really didn’t see things the way I saw it. I never want to put them in a bad spot. I need them to be 100% for me or not at all. Thus why I’m open to communication at all times during the day. He frequently argued with me about these things. But that’s the deal with me in those one on one arguments. You’re gonna lose to me every single time. EVERY SINGLE TIME. He realized this after about the 10th time and decided to drag everyone else into it and I was all like “hell no”. That’s when I decided to fire him. He didn’t take it well and took some footage with him. You’ll notice the movie gets really shaky at times. That’s why. We’re missing about 20 minutes of movie that would have made things make a hell of a lot more sense. We also lost 2 characters in the process. Three actually since I couldn’t fit Barrett’s scene in there anymore.

He was surprised at what I did and said he thought I was “Nice guy”. That’s also why initially pretty cold and mean to everyone. Because nice guys tend to get screwed over all the time. This is no exception.

And lastly it was just me. It’s all a bunch of judgment calls really. I shouldn’t have lost my temper with Josh, but that stuff had to happen if I wanted to get this done. And everyone just needs to expect a little less nice me the next time around. Just because. Not just to be mean but because more needs to happen. If you’re not 100 percent with me I got no time. Simple as that. I work too hard for absolutely nothing to not get the cooperation I actually work for and deserve.

But I’m actually going to stop this now and try and collect myself before screening tonight.

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